With the exception of priority service, jobs received after 5 p.m. will be entered into our system at 8 a.m. the following business day for production purposes.


Any changes to a job once it has entered production may incur additional fees.


Any delivered jobs or material requiring corrections, regardless of nature, must be received by Parallax within 48 hours of delivery to client. Claims or adjustments cannot be accepted after 48 hours.


On projects that Parallax makes changes or corrections on your job, we require that you order an intermediate proof (b/w laser, inkJet or pdf) to review the changes prior to output. For trapping and color correction work, we require that you order a digital contract proof from Parallax to quality control the work performed.


Remakes, with changes, include jobs we are re-running due to our error. If you choose to make changes before we re-run, an additional 50% charge of the original order will apply.


All open account invoices are net 30 days from invoice date unless other terms have been approved in writing by management. A late payment fee of one percent per month will be added to unpaid balances that exceed 15 days past due.


Accounts 60 days past due are automatically placed on C.O.D status.


State of Georgia customers must pay sales tax unless a valid exemption certificate is supplied to Parallax prior to ordering.


Ink or materials used in color printing or production may change over time. These products cannot be warranted against change in color. As with all digital color products, we will do our best to match your color specifications, but color matching cannot be guaranteed.


When working with submitted originals Parallax will use the utmost care in handling your materials; however, when you submit materials you agree that if the materials are lost or damaged or not returned by us, our limit of liability is the replacement of the media only. Original artwork is left at your risk and is not subject to replacement. Please keep backups of all digital files delivered to us for production.


Customer/Purchaser agrees to not submit copyrighted materials for reproduction which are not owned by purchaser or their authorized agents. By submitting copyrighted materials for reproduction, purchaser agrees to assume responsibility for any legal claim and resulting monetary damages that may arise from that reproduction.


We recommend that you order proofs of all work done at Parallax. This is your best insurance policy against surprising and disappointing print jobs.


We will not assume liability for any unsatisfactory print run or ads produced with film or files generated by anyone other than Parallax.


We will handle your job with great care to ensure that your job is prepared to your specifications, however, it is your responsibility to carefully examine and approve the proofs at every stage of your project.


First orders are COD. We accept American Express, MasterCard, Visa and checks with open account. Completed credit applications require two weeks for approval. Terms are net 30 days, 1% interest on balance per month charged on delinquent accounts (beginning 15 days past due date.) Prices are subject to change without notice.


Our turn time is typically 2-5 business days depending on service requested. Expedited services available; please contact us for details.


Due to the custom nature of our products and services, please contact Customer Service to verify that Production can handle your expedited order.


Minimum purchase of $250.00 required for free delivery; $50 delivery charge will apply for orders less than $250.00. Additional charges apply for deliveries over 75 mile radius of metro Atlanta.

Minimum Orders

There is a $100 minimum on all orders.
(Please consolidate small jobs to avoid any billing discrepancies due to this minimum)