Fascinate Customers With Epic 5-Meter Wide Seamless Prints

5-meter wide printer for fabric and other roll materialsThe Dilemma

In the past, high-quality seamless prints up to 5-meter widths were reasonably hard to find. The solution for these larger-than-life products for indoor and outdoor use was to fabricate them with smaller printed graphics pieced together. Designs larger than 3 meters in retail, window displays, fashion shows, building wraps, exhibitions, hospitality, etc., would have unattractive seams that distract from the overall look of the final product.

Our Solution

Parallax’s newest addition to production includes the ability to print up to 5-meters wide by roll lengths specifically on fabric and other materials. This industrial printer enables us to provide seamless designs and support all kinds of industries, including theatrical/film, with extraordinarily sized products and the benefits of instant drying UV inks.

Parallax will continue to stock popular grand format substrates available for on-demand services. Substrates include fabric and other materials for banners, backdrops, theatrical/film sets, flex face signage, and more. Displaying your brand or message with no limitations gives you the ability to be more creative in grand sizes.

The Best in Print

Parallax provides end-to-end solutions for indoor and outdoor signage as well as exhibit and décor services. We combine cutting-edge print production expertise with the latest technologies and blend it with a wide array of manufacturing processes.

With unparalleled service, we can ensure smooth, extra-wide and problem-free graphics for your large-format projects. Our 5-meter printing service offers you an enormous, vibrant, and now virtually seamless product that will astonish your customers and crush the competition.

Contact us for more information on opportunities with 5-meter wide seamless prints. To learn more about Parallax, click here.

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