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Invisible Protective Coating

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Introducing invisible,
protective coating for your
display graphics and more.
Fires, graffiti attacks and germs may be the last thing on your mind when you seek out a top notch printing service provider for you display graphics. Yet, the fact is that your wall coverings, window shades, retail displays, drapery, banners and other surfaces in your space are vulnerable to these very elements.
Your valuable branding and promotional
tools are always at a risk.

Cutting edge research backs our brand new triple offering. Three protective coatings make your print jobs, shades, displays and other surfaces resistant to fire, graffiti attacks, stains and disease causing microorganisms.

• These coatings can be sprayed, painted or roll coated making them verstile and easy to handle.
• The coatings are stain resistant and water white, thus not affecting the appearance and aesthetics of your displays.
• The coatings are available in matte and gloss and resist aerosol or enamel spray paints and a variety of solvents.
The protective coatings are VOC and HAPS free-making them relatively safer for the environment. TOSCA and REACH compliant - these coatings are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and thus suitable for any type of retail, commercial or public space.
Wouldn't you invest in fire-retardant walls and protect your display graphics and other surfaces from germs and graffiti if you could?
The next time you ask about or place an order for a display graphic, custom window shade or any print job, don't forget to ask about Parallax's unique protective coating offering. Now, there's another reason to choose us!
They don't have to be at risk anymore.

Our latest offering is designed to protect the flawless print jobs we take pride in creatng. Why is a graffiti protection coating, fire-retardant coating and an antimicrobial shield so important? Consider this: your window shades and wall covering may be breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms. Fire damage in non residential spaces causes billions of dollars in loss each year, in addition to thousands of infuries and hundreds of deaths. Wouldn't you invest in fire-retardant walls and protect your display graphics and other surfaces from germs and graffiti if you could?

They 'anti-microbial' coating prevents the spread of germs by killing them on contact. It is effective on a wide range of rigid and roll materials including wall covering, window shades, table tops, menus etc. It is ideal for hospitals, clinics, health gyms, restaurants, food packaging and labels, pharmaceutical and other applications. According to the CDC, nearly 1.7 million hospital acquired infections (HAIs) occur yearly in the US, leading to approximately 100,000 deaths and industry cost of $45 billion. Anti-microbial inhibits and kills the leading pathogen that causes HAIs and several oter disease-causing microorganisms on contact.

The graffiti protection coating 'anti-graffiti' and fire-retardant coating 'fire-retardant' are suitable for any commercial or retail space. The coatings have been rigorously tested and designed to protect your graphics from fire and graffiti damage. They are ideal for use on screen and digitally printed graphics, wall coverings and more. You can now breathe easy knowing that your space has fire-retardant walls and graffiti-resistant displays that are as tough as they are attractive.

Customize Your Protective Coating

The coatings are effective individually as well as in a combination, giving you the option to choose the coating for your business needs. When it comes to combinations, your choices inclide: fire-retardant and anti-graffiti (without anti-microbial) or, a triple coating combination that includes all of them. You can also choose an individual coating if you prefer.