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Xanita X-Board™ Print
The next evolution in direct print, rigid panel media!
Applications Include:
• Signage
• P.O.P Displays
• Commercial Office Spaces
• Furniture
• Interior Displays
• Retail Environments
• Store Fixtures
Xanita X-Board™ Print is the new benchmark
in environmentally responsible panels.
Lightweight and Super Strong.
The rigid, corrugated paper-product core of the board is what gives Xantia™ products their strength. Combined with tried-and-true folding and joining techniques, Xanita™ can stand alone as its own structure. Xanita™ excels as a structural material for every common signage application, from standees to tradeshow elements.

With the combined structural and environmental benefits, Xanita X-Board™ Print allows for new designs previously unattainable with conventional boards.

We work with smart, progressive partners
like Push Design that continuously raise the bar of sustainable living spaces, with designs featuring Xanita and other eco-friendly materials. Push Design engages in the design & development of toxin-free, healthy high performance homes and micro-developments. Ask us about the specialty Xanita product available for installations and structural renovations, which is the same sustainable, toxin- free material as Xanita, but with a surface-mounted construction-grade material or counter top laminate option. Xanita is the future of forward-thinking structural solutions!
Brilliant white, print-ready surface.
Xanita X-Board Print™ shows the same high-quality printable surface on both sides, and offers excellent printability with solvent and UV processes. Compared to petro-chemical or formaldehyde encapsulated boards like MDF or Gator, Xanita™ Print is an ideal media for its reduced weight and structural capabilities. With the combined structural and environmental benefits, Xanita™ Print allows for new designs previously unattainable with conventional boards. This is truly the next evolution in print-ready sign media. These are some of the advantages

Xanita™ Print offers:
• Vapor-Barrier on both sides resists moisture
• Significant weight reduction
• 73 PSI crush resistance
• Structurally stable
• Reduced installation costs
• Reduced manufacturing times
• Environmentally responsible
• Opens new business opportunities

Save time and money.
Xanita™ uses a lightweight corrugated cell construction that saves more than 28% on shipping, compared to MDF and Particle Board. It also works seamlessly with conventional computer controlled cutting equipment, and requires no specialized panel connection hardware when assembling structural components. Xanita™ can be easily converted for use as in structural shelving displays with significant load capacity, with a completely printable surface!

Environmentally Genius.
The core component of Xanita™ is made of 100% recovered post-consumer waste and by- product fiber. The print surface consists of at least 90% of post-consumer paper pulp. The virgin pulp used in the print surface is produced using an elemental chlorine-free process, and originates from FSC accredited forests. All components of Xanita™ Print are fully re-pulpable, and are chemically and biologically non-hazardous and pass EEC hazard classification. The product is free of PVC and formaldehyde. It creates no volatile carcinogenic on decomposition, no toxic fumes when burned, non-explosive, and has none or less than 5ppm Volatile organic compounds.