• PLEASE COMPRESS ALL FILES. .AI and .EPS files are known to have issues with uploads.
  • Compress multiple files using either Zip(PC) or Stuffit(MAC) compression.
  • Do not send executable files or self-extracting archives. These will be deleted immediately.
  • Use short, descriptive file names for easier reference.
  • After you press upload, please be patient. The larger the file, the longer it may take to upload.
  • Do not close this page once your upload begins!

Enter name, email, select files and leave any comments if necessary.

Public FTP info:

You must download and install FTP software such as Fetch for the MAC or Cute FTP for the PC.*


Host: ftp.parallaxdigital.com
Username (for uploading): dropoff
Username (for downloading): pickup
Password: parallax


**IMPORTANT: We do not check regularly for new files uploaded via ftp. Please contact us after uploading your files.

*We do not offer support for either these products. Please contact the developer if you need software assistance.