Creative concept and design

This is where it all started for Parallax, and creative remains a vital asset for us today. Today many clients’ understand the value and importance that brand integration brings to environments, spaces, communities, and places.


Our job is to strategically expose a wide audience to that experience, and to the value, to engage and provide meaningful interactions with the environment and experience. Employing color imagery with technology and content with a goal to create environments that communicate and stimulate the viewer.


Examples of experiential concept and design include architectural graphics and elements, wayfinding signage, exhibit design, fabric banners, brand architectural signage, retail design, branded spaces and themed environments.


Art and form to communicate and stimulate, that is the mission. Immersive environments such as corporate or civic exhibitions, museums, public spaces, retail, hospitality, sports venues, and transportation help shape the user experience.  Experiences which inform, orient, educate and delight visitors and users alike.


Parallax offers a true end-to-end solution for all clients’ needs from concept development and design to fulfillment or installation. Let us help in making your project a success.

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