Photographic & Giclée Art Prints

Image ProGraf Pro, the most advanced digital photo printer is your answer to printing ultra-high quality photographic prints and backlit translites – from fine art to retail displays and more. Parallax uses this next generation digital printer to produce your most important images and graphics with radiant 12-color pigment ink reproduction to meet the demands of even the most critical photographer.

The Image ProGraf Pro vastly expands the color gamut while also enhancing gloss uniformity, reducing graininess, and improving scratch resistance. This produces true state-of-the-art photographic prints that look equally as spectacular up close as they do from across the room. Nothing compares to the archival quality of the Image ProGraf Pro digital printer. Intensified shadow/ highlight detail, striking color and exceptional brilliance are hallmarks of the Image ProGraf Pro imaging system.


In addition to ultra-high quality photographic and gicleé art prints, Parallax also provides comprehensive finishing services.


  • Fast Turnaround
  • Prints up to 60” wide by any length
  • Vastly expanded color gamut – smooth gradients and a deeper color expression
  • Ultra chrome prints
  • Enhanced gloss uniformity
  • Improved scratch resistance

Various Applications:

  • Duratrans-Translites
  • Retail Signage / POP Displays
  • Fine Art Exhibits, Events, & Museum Displays
  • Landscapes, Murals, & Portraits
  • Advertising
  • Lobbies, Office Space, Corporate Display, and more…

Materials Available:

Elegance Velvet

Luxurious, textured fine art paper


  • Perfect for fine art prints
  • Eye-popping color gamut & D-max
  • Consistent and reliable quality
  • Lightly textured finish  |  19 mil thickness  |  310 gsm weight
Crystalline Satin Canvas

Print it. Stretch it. Done.


  • No varnish required. Print and stretch immediately
  • Incredible detail and resolution
  • Maximum color gamut, color density & D-max
  • OBA-free, yet still bright white
  • Satin finish  |   21 mil thickness  |  440 gsm weight
Vibrance Luster

High-quality luster photo paper


  • Incredible resolution and detail
  • Maximum color gamut and D-max
  • Perfect for portrait and landscape photography
  • No branding or logos printed on the backside
  • Luster finish  |  10 mil thickness  |  255 gsm weight
Sunset Metallic Photo Paper

Award-winning metallic photo paper


  • Creates a sense of depth
  • Adds glowing effect to highlighted / brightly lit areas
  • Exceptionally rich dark areas and colors
  • Sharp and vibrant prints
  • Scratch-resistant surface
  • High-gloss, metallic finish | 10 mil thickness | 255 gsm weight
Optica One

Luxurious, smooth inkjet fine art paper


  • Perfect for photo prints
  • Eye-popping color gamut & D-max
  • Incredible detail and resolution
  • Matte finish  |  15 mil thickness  |  300 gsm weight
Silverada Metallic Canvas

The highest quality pearlescent metallic canvas on the market


  • Unique metallic effect
  • Looks phenomenal with black & white images and more
  • Absolute incredible detail
  • Eye-popping color gamut & D-max
  • Metallic finish  | 20 mil thickness  |  440 gsm weight
Vibrance Matte

Fantastic quality matte photo paper


  • Great for fine art reproduction and photo printing
  • Perfect for proofing, signage, backdrops, and murals
  • Bright white color provides great high-contrast and black & white images
  • No branding or logos printed on the backside
  • Smooth matte finish  |  8 mil thickness  |  230 gsm weight
Sunset eSatin Photo Paper

Premium-quality paper professional photographers love


  • Exceptionally bright realistically saturated colors and accurate skin tones
  • Improved white point for greater contrast
  • Print surface doesn’t show fingerprints or reflect glare
  • Similar to E-surface papers that were popular in darkroom printing
  • Slightly textured, satin finish | 11.5 mil thickness | 300 gsm weight