Retail Displays & Signage

Indoor signage, outdoor signage, and retail displays offer many ways to dramatically highlight your brand as well as promote products and services in any retail environment. Parallax understands retail and can provide you with the right solution to improve your brand and image while highlighting products and services you offer. Stand out from the crowd with our brilliantly created retail display, storefront signage, window graphics, menu-boards, light boxes, dimensional displays, POP signage and more.


We handle it all from start to finish, from 1200 store rollouts to one, the Parallax Team and our cutting edge facility, equipment and processes stand ready to get the job done on time, within budget and with impeccable quality.

WOW Your Prospects With 3-D Xanita Board

In the retail world where is a space fought for customer attention, Xanita Board provides an ideal solution for creating point-of-sale displays, in-store furnishing, retail shop-in-shop and exhibition stands. Xanita Board is a natural fiber based board consisting of a recycled core in-between printable white liners. This board creates solutions that are lightweight, load-bearing, and simple to assemble all while retaining the ability to be flat and packable. The printable qualities of Xanita Board give you the opportunity to create unique displays never seen before. With our ability to design, supply, print and cut high effective displays custom for your needs, your brand can stand above the competition.

Why Retail Displays and Signage?

Custom backdrops, exhibits, and large photo prints are also great displays to consider for marketing new in-store products, services, or sales. From on-street displays to showrooms, adding an exhibit display can be just the thing your store needs to draw in customers and increase sales.


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