3-D Ways to Wow Your Prospects With Xanita Board

Xanita Board Tomahawk

Xanita (zuh-nee-ta) Board is an ideal solution for creating point-of-sale displays, in-store furnishing, retail shop-in-shop, and exhibition stands. Xanita Board is a natural fibre based board consisting of a recycled core in-between printable white liners. With this board, we are creating custom solutions that are lightweight and load-bearing while retaining the ability to be flat and packable – ultimately reducing installation time and cost.

In today’s retail world where everyone is fighting for consumer attention, the lightweight and printable qualities of Xanita Board provide an opportunity to create completely unique displays never seen before.

Xanita Board gives us the ability to design, supply, print, and cut a highly effective and creative display customized for each client’s individual needs. A display built with this board will not only create a brand vision for your product, but it will ultimately separate you from the competition.

Benefits of Xanita Board

SPEED – Concept to full-scale prototype in 5-10 days.

EFFICIENCY OF PRODUCT & CONCEPT– Lightweight, simple assembly. Cutting edge technology for the structural substrate with modern conversion and print applications.

CREATIVE – Out of the box concepts and designs.

FLAT PACKS – Weight reduction of over 60% compared to traditional panels such as MDF Particle Boards. Up to 40% savings on shipping/logistics costs.

V-CUT TECHNOLOGY – Employed for conversion and joinery.

USER-FRIENDLY – Lightweight components can be installed by one person with ease. Minimal hardware required for assembly.

ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIAL – Environmentally responsible, recyclable, FSC certified.

DIRECT PRINTING – Complete Customization. High-performance surface coat allows for direct to surface printing using solvent, UV, and digital methods.
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Applications of Xanita Board

Exhibitions & Events

Xanita Board is the ideal material for creating quick and easy, high-quality exhibit stands. Each display is fully customizable and is explicitly designed to complement the product and put emphasis on your brand. We can design, supply, print, cut and assemble a highly effective and creative exhibition display that is not only lightweight and easy to transport but also 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Retail Fitouts & Signage

In today’s retail world where everyone is fighting for consumer attention, the lightweight and printable qualities of Xanita Board provide an opportunity to create completely unique displays, never seen before. Printing direct to this board creates the ability to mimic other materials such as concrete, wood, OSB and more. Xanita Board can be used to make aesthetically pleasing displays, 3-D lettering/logos, and also make functional merchandising and stocking systems.

Retail Fitout Shelving Xanita Board

Point-of-Sale Displays

Creating a point-of-sale display with Xanita Board is the ideal solution for any company trying to create the ultimate brand vision. This board has an excellent ridged surface that can be printed direct and easily cut allowing for a fully customized point-of-sale display that is simple to assemble on site. Additionally, the high strength and recyclability of Xanita Board allow retailers to have a point-of-sale display that is semi-permanent, filling the gap between temporary and permanent displays.

If you’d like to see Xanita Board for yourself in person, please schedule a tour of our showroom located in Kennesaw, GA.

Contact us to learn more about the opportunities with Xanita Board for your business. To learn more about Parallax, click here.

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