Large Format Printing


Parallax has over 20 years of experience in providing Large Format Printing services for several industries including sports, retail, healthcare, higher learning, etc. Our experience has enabled us to continually obtain the best materials, inks, and printing technology, which allows our customers to receive the highest quality products at competitive prices.


Parallax specializes in digital printing for commercial applications such as dimensional signage, banners, and backlit displays. We also print interior and architectural décor applications including wall coveringswindow graphics, and more. Additionally, when you include our professional printing services to your projects, we can provide the largest selection of printing opportunities for your company!

5-Meter Print Solutions: Go Big–Go Super Big

The possibilities with custom printed fabric and many other roll materials have been taken to new heights. Parallax is proud to offer seamless direct-to-print fabrics up to 5-meters wide (that’s 16-feet!) by roll lengths with the latest UV ink technology from Gandy Digital. Now it is possible to print mega-wide fabrics for display and advertisement, without seams and with a great depth of color.

Our newest industrial printer creates extraordinary soft signage and graphic solutions for sporting venues, building wraps, billboards, point-of-sale, theatrical backdrops, movie sets and more; the applications are extensive.


We can now expect more inventive and creative applications for newly developed super wide-format fabrics for UV ink. The high-powered UV technology cures ink instantly for faster production times without sacrificing quality compared to dye-sub or latex applications. This will allow retail sectors, catering services, performance centers, trade show exhibits, and other public spaces to create their own visual styles. Stadium sized graphics –wow– with no compromise in color and quality.

This printing technology is ideal for:


  •        Backlit SEG Displays (Lightboxes)
  •        Backdrops (television/film productions, theatrical sets, event venues, arenas, etc.)
  •        Window Displays
  •        Building Wraps
  •        Tradeshow & Exhibition Graphics
  •        Banners / Billboards
  •        Flex Face Signs and Internally Illuminated Flex Face Signs
  •        Posters

Innovations in textiles and its advantages make fabric a profitable solution for display. Polyester or polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is popular in the textile industry and is commonly known for its effective moisture barrier. PET is durable, lightweight, folds into small packages, transports at low shipping costs and is easy to install.


With an unparalleled 5-meter print width, Parallax Digital enables smooth, extra wide, problem-free signage, and large-format fabric products. Premium fabrics and other roll materials are available in widths of 3.2 meters and 5 meters at our Atlanta, Georgia location. There is no limit to your wide fabric design needs.

For more information about our large format prints, please call us at 770.874.8500 or email us at