Why Our Banners?

Parallax Digital makes one-of-a-kind banners from the best materials and uses state of the art digital printing technology. Whether for retail displays or trade shows banners are the perfect way to showcase your message.


Known for producing the best banners, our team is able to print to all shapes, sizes, and materials allowing us to create and design custom banners for any function.



We have a wide variety of printable materials from, polyethylene, banner vinyl, canvas, and various fabrics like knit and polyester. We have a variety of the most durable vinyl for commercial banners, retail, and any business doing promotions.



We are able to digitally print seamless banners up to 16-feet wide with virtually no limit for the length.



Parallax is able to produce both one-offs and large runs.



With 20+ years of experience manufacturing banners and more for the commercial, retail, and design industries. Our production specialists are able to suggest the best finishes, materials, and size for any project. We are capable of digitally printing in any color, including white, especially when using our new HP R2000 Plus. This is the only printer of its kind in North America and is giving our prints a stunning clarity like no other.

For more information about banners or a quote please contact us: 770.874.8500 or email.

The Perfect Banners