Die Cutting & Finishing

With the digital die cutter, anything is possible. It opens up display possibilities you may never have imagined. As Atlanta’s trusted and technologically advanced sign maker, Parallax employs computerized routing and die-cut capabilities to produce your custom signs with superior graphics.


  • Finishing your high-quality prints enhances their functional as well as aesthetic quality.
  • Produce custom displays in shapes, sizes, and contours of your choice.
  • The digital die cutter follows the cut outline with no compromise on speed or precision. And you don’t even need a die!
  • Your product is ready in less time with shorter runs.
  • With our die cutting technology, you don’t have to place a bulk order to get a cost-effective solution. No matter how small or large your order is, our die-cutter translates your ideas into finished products, economically.
  • Digital die-cutting is available on any product produced by Parallax, including paper, fabric printing, vinyl, Lambda Prints, Inkjet Prints, Gatorfoam, Sintra, styrene, Coroplast, laminated prints, Lexan protected images and more.


If we produce it, we die cut it. As simple as that.


Our other finishing services include hemming, pole pockets, heat seaming/ welding, mesh-reinforcement banding, and grommets.

Choose the finishing service best suited to your need and printing application.

Dimensional hardware is available for fabric frames and a host of special fabric related products for retail displays and exhibit applications.


Discover the possibilities for your display.

Contact us to give your printing projects the perfect finish.

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