Environmental Graphics, Wall-Coverings & Murals

For digitally printed environmental graphics, murals, and wall coverings, Parallax utilizes direct to substrate printing technology for roll products as well as rigid panel materials. Producing near Litho quality print to a variety of surfaces including specialty materials such as wood, metals, acrylics, PVC, to name a few, in sizes up to 5’ x 10’ x 2”.


In addition, our Latex and UV printers print directly to roll materials up to 10 feet wide by roll lengths on dozens of unique materials, including films, fabrics and wall coverings for a stunning array of creative solutions to meet your every need.


Economical and fast, producing less waste and involving fewer steps without sacrificing quality. Ideal for exhibits, office interiors, signage, custom displays, merchandisers, murals, glass walls, retail, real estate, just about anywhere you can visualize large graphics or signage – we have you covered with the absolute best solution for your project needs.


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Digital wallpaper murals enable you to personalize any indoor environment with full-color images or design graphics. Let us tell your organization’s story to clients and employees to leave a lasting impression. With your art, logo, or custom graphics imaged to commercial quality vinyl wallpaper, you will increase brand awareness and inspire your employees.


  • Parallax’s custom wall murals are produced on our high-resolution presses to your facility’s exact measurements.
  • Our digitally printed wallpaper is standard commercial grade material; no special tools or materials are needed to install.
  • The finished product is beautiful, durable and washable for long term applications; making this product a great cost-effective choice for large scale interior walls.
  • Numerous textures are available for designer applications. Pantone colors are possible with our prepress and printing capability.


We recommend and provide professional installation for many of our specialty products. Contact us for more. Call: (770).874.8500)

We Guarantee The Best Environmental Graphics and  Mural Wallpaper Coverings