Save time and money with Parallax’s order fulfillment solution which utilizes up-to-date systems such as bar-coding, online order tracking, and delivery. The result is an efficient, end-to-end POP fulfillment solution.


Order Processing

We use state-of-the-art, industry-standard process management and shipping system tools such as bar-coding to ensure error-free order tracking, shipping, and delivery.


Kit Packing/ Distribution

Distribution and installation do not stop at kitting and packaging. It also involves ensuring the details of each and every program and kit are completely understood at each location.



We offer innovative POP logistics services to better manage your specific needs. These services include:

  • Maintenance of a POP database for all your retail locations
  • Direct field-level customer support
  • An online POP system with ordering capabilities
  • Accurate order fulfillment
  • Ability to customize kits for programs by individual location.


Inventory Management

“Print on demand” is at the core of the value-added services we offer. However, we recognize that, on occasion, premium or specialty items may be included in your promotions. Parallax will manage inventory, verify counts and warehouse products, as well as process your orders for worry-free kitting and distribution of your entire POP program. We also include warehouse time-sensitive items for “on demand” shipping.

For more information about our services please contact us at 770.874.8500 or by email to info@parallaxdigital.com.